Planning Your Event in Appleton

As a top destination in Wisconsin, Appleton and the surrounding Fox Cities area offer an exciting variety of attractions and activities. Host your event or convention here and add to your guests’ experiences with a fun side excursion or some on-site entertainment.

But where do you start in researching the options? The Fox Cities Exhibition Center (FCEC) has organized this helpful Activity Guide for event planners/organizers. Download it and you’ll find many ideas for what to do while visiting the Fox Valley:

  • The Arts
  • Unique Culinary Experiences
  • Historical Delights
  • Fun for All Ages
  • Shopping
  • Unique Tours
  • Music
  • Transportation
  • Exhibition Rental Services
  • Much More!

One unique option is park/pavilion space rental, including Jones Park (adjacent to the FCEC) and Houdini Plaza (just blocks away). Get more information!

While going through the event planning process, you can also check out our Vendors List for information on catering services available through the FCEC.

event planning
event planning
event planning